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When you get off the airplane or the ferry, you can feel it—Ireland is an adventure.  Sure there’s the Giant’s Causeway and Kilkenny and Galway Bay, but there’s something else that makes Ireland an adventure.  It’s her people.  It’s the way they joust and joke with each other, the way that the Irish don’t get into a tizzy if someone parks too far into the road or pulls out in front of them, instead they nod and wave.  You might walk into a store and have a good laugh with the shopkeeper as if you’ve known each other for years.  Adventures don’t always require boots and rainwear, although they often come in handy.  They require a soul that’s hungry for the spontaneous adventure.

Think of an adventure.  If it’s possible, Authentic Ireland will connect you with trusted experts who can make your adventure fantasies come true.  The trick, no matter which adventure you choose—and we have quite a number of choices—is to become part of the experience, and enjoy it as a full participant.  This is an adventure you’ll carry back home, and use to more fully enjoy your life every day. We have a large activity & experience database accumulated over the years.  We offer everything from outdoor adventures to Irish music lessons to excursions to ancient sites. You can add any of these to your vacation package.

What adventures do we at Authentic Ireland have waiting for you?  In addition to a large range of outdoor adventures, here are a few samples: Discover the pub life of Dublin, Dingle, Doolin—participate in the traditional music, don’t just listen.  Sing, dance, or haul out an instrument; you’re usually more than welcome to do so and may even be cheered on.  Trace the footsteps of St. Patrick from the time he first landed in Ireland in 442 AD.  Kiss the Blarney Stone – hang upside down, and have a good laugh at yourself with the countless others who are laughing with you, waiting their turn to receive the gift of gab.

Some people consider a visit to the Aran Islands a must.  Be sure to see the round-wall fort, 2,500 years old, clinging to the top of the highest cliff.  We were told by a local guide it was used to worship the power of storms.  We felt it.  You will feel it. Walk a rope bridge suspended high above the rugged sea, explore abandoned castles, and meet up with a cow who nudges your face with a smooch as you’re hiking through a pasture.

Authentic Ireland can help make your adventure fantasies come true.  We’ll set up local guides who walk you through the mystic times of old, with stories of lore and legend long forgotten but by a few; we can set up cycling that is appropriate for your interest and endurance; country walks; Dublin walks; sailing; some of the best surfing in the world; diving; spending the day on an Irish farm so you can be Irish for a day; hunting for a sunken Spanish galleon; eco-boat tours of hidden bays… Take the path least traveled by foot, horseback, pony trap, bicycling, and sailing.  Enjoy the city on foot, also.

One group of our clients reported this:  They had used one of our hired drivers, and were cruising through the countryside.  The driver saw a cow in distress, pulled over, and excused himself from his guests, tipping his hat.  They watched him deliver a calf for a cow in trouble.  He waited until the calf was alright, and he had urged it on its feet.  The group cheered, and wrote us, saying it was the highpoint of their trip.  Was this an adventure?  Absolutely.  Spontaneous and willing, it was the stuff of life and death and small miracles.

Come join the adventure in Ireland.  We promise you an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

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