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You could stay in a farmhouse, a B & B, or a grand hotel. They’re all a wonderful retreat. But, really, if you could afford it, wouldn’t it truly be something to stay in a castle? A cozy fire, mysterious hallways, a candlelit dinner, and the moon painting your room with an ancient glow. Silk brocades, towers and secret gardens. Look out your window when the dawn comes—you may spot the shadow of a red deer nuzzling the banks of a river. Now roll over and head back to sleep, for castles are the stuff of dreams.

Every couple of years it is a good idea to wake up in Castle hotels in Ireland. There is nothing quite like staying at Ireland castle hotels such as Ashford Castle Hotel, Ballyseede Castle Hotel, and Cabra Castle Ireland. There is the ancient grandeur of course which is nice; the suits of armour and centuries old tapestries on the wall; the high wood ceilings, stone columns and battlements; butlers and maids ready to serve you at the sounding of a bell; and of course there are the spectacular gardens to stroll around, lakes to fish and castle grounds to hunt when you stay at Irish castle hotels. But the best reason to stay in castle hotels in Ireland is the sense of wild history you cannot but feel in these places. You will be transported back through the centuries imagining yourself living in times of knights and maidens, honour and fierce courage when you stay at any number of castle hotels, Ireland. Some of the most well-known castle hotels in Ireland include Ballyseede Castle Hotel, Ashford Castle Hotel, and Cabra Castle Ireland. It is all there waiting for you at our selection of Irish Castle hotels. It doesn’t get better than waking up in Irish castle hotels and feeling like royalty. The grandeur of the Ashford Castle Hotel, Ballyseede Castle Hotel, Cabra Castle Hotel, and other castle hotels, Ireland cannot be missed. With all of the Ireland castle hotels available, it can be difficult to choose. Contact Authentic Ireland today for help in choosing the best castle hotels, Ireland.

Ireland Castle Vacations (from $848 Per Person)

If castles are part of your fantasies, this should please you – our range of Ireland castle vacations:  

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Hidden Castles

6-nights (can +/- days)

Hidden CastlesPRICE: From only $893 Per PersonExplore hidden castles, ancient sites & spectacular scenery in secret areas of Ireland on our Hidden Castles tour! Irish Castles have a rich ...

5 Star Irish Elegance

6-nights (can +/- days)

5-Star Irish EleganceFall into the relaxation of a gentler time on our 5-Star Irish Elegance Vacation... On this tour you’ll spend two nights each in Ireland&...

Grand Castles & Manors

8-nights (can +/-)

Grand Castles & ManorsOld world luxury in Ireland is yours when you choose our Grand Castles and Manors travel package. During the day you will discover the most ...

From Cottage to Castle

7 nights/ 8 days

From Cottage to CastleOur Cottage to Castle tour offers you the opportunity to experience Ireland in a very unique way. For your first four nights you’ll ...

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