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Celtic attire of the past was all made out of materials that, unfortunately, broke down over the centuries. These materials, such as linen and wool, made for many spectacular articles of Ireland clothing, which can only now be reconstructed from information found on stone carvings, and in stories and written descriptions. There were many styles of dress worn by the men and women of the Celts, such as the leine–a tunic-like garment that many women and men would wear. Cloaks were also a popular choice of the time period, and accessories were popular for both sexes. Another term for this would be a brat. At Celticgarb, there is much information gathered on the clothing styles of the Celts, as well as information on different styles of Celtic borders that were embroidered on the clothing.

ireland clothing


For a look at some of the oldest drawings of Celtic clothing, as well as other information, visit Housebarra . At Doyle the traditional Celtic dress is explained, and Celtic Dress of the 16th Century gives details on the dress of the 16th century Scots-Irish. You may find this page,  Doyle Irish Kilts, filled with images along with descriptions of garments. 

In the days of the ancient Celts, there were many different tribes. The way a person was dressed could indicate which tribe he or she came from. For more information on the Scots-Irish tribe, visit Electricscotland. Finally, an excellent article about all things Celtic–including their feasts, arts, clothing and economy, can be read at Celticcallings.


Celtic clothing has of course been changed by modern hands, and there are many variations on the types of clothing that was worn centuries ago. For ideas on modern clothing of today, go to Ancient Circles and Scotweb.

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