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If you are planning a trip to Ireland, or you are doing research on the history if Ireland, the resources below can help you. Touching on a wide aspects of all things Irish, you will be sureto learn more about the history and the culture of Ireland.

Science and Technology

  • Irish Health Research Forum – This is a partnership of organisations and stakeholders that aim to influence health research in Ireland.
  • Armagh Observatory – This astronomical research institution is one of Ireland’s leading scientific research facilities.

Arts, Languages

  • Learn Gaelic Online – Not sure what the Irish folks are saying? This website teaches you to speak Gaelic though .wav files on your computer!
  • Ireland Online Entertainment – This website is the one place to look for the most exciting and most talked about entertainment in Ireland.
  • Irish Art Center – Although it’s located in New York, this is the perfect opportunity for people in the United States to get a taste of Irish culture.


  • Green Linnet – Irish record label that is one of the largest supporters of Celtic music.
  • Traditional Irish Music – Learn about the different instruments and styles of music that are popular in Ireland.
  • Irish Music Archive – This national reference archive houses a huge collection of traditional Irish songs, instruments and dances native to Ireland.

Food & Drink


  • Read Ireland – The collection of books in this database is amazing. Take time to search through all of their results.
  • Kenny’s Bookstore – One of Ireland’s most famous and biggest bookstore online. This is the place to look for the hard to find books you’re after.
  • Local Ireland Bookstores – This is a great collection of some of the best bookstores in Ireland.

Irish radio

Sports-related things

  • GAA – The Gaelic Athletic Association’s official website.
  • Federation of Irish Sports – This organization, founded in 2002, represents all sports organizations in Ireland.
  • Irish Sports Council – This organization helps promote and contribute to the world of sports in Ireland.

Travel, Tours


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