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Authentic Ireland vacations are perfect for those who want their trip to Ireland planned with the help of a dedicated travel agent who has expert knowledge of the land.  From theme-based, self-drive escapades to romantic Irish getaways featuring dramatic views of seacliffs and lush, green landscapes, there is a myriad of Ireland vacation packages from which to choose.  At Authentic Ireland we will work with you to get your Ireland travel itinerary just right and provide you with precious memories that will last a lifetime.  And our dedication to your perfect vacation doesn’t end when your plane takes off.  Providing you with the most authentic and memorable experience of Ireland is what drives us. With offices in both Ireland the US, our culturally diverse staff of devoted travel specialists are available to you throughout your Ireland vacation should you need advice or assistance.

Each of these Ireland vacation packages are completely customizable allowing you to plan and create the perfect trip to Ireland. We also have packages that include Scotland, England and even a combination of all three. We will work with you until your chosen vacation package is just the way you want it.  It’s all part of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  We have planned thousands of Ireland Vacations, from golf tours to honeymoons, and have access to hundreds of premier lodging destinations that range from opulent manors to quaint B&B’s.

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Custom Vacations

Custom Vacations to Ireland

Custom Tours of Ireland give you the flexibility to Create Your Own Vacation! At Authentic Ireland we understand that vacationing is a serious adventure and often people have something very ...

Best of Ireland Tours

Choose Your Vacation by Number of Days

Witness the Best of Ireland even if you only have a set number of nights to devote to your Ireland vacation. We have created a range of wonderful tour itineraries ...

Ireland Self-Drive Tours

Themed Vacations: Ancient, Pubs, Game of Thrones & More

Ireland Self-Drive Tours from Authentic Ireland offer you the privacy and flexibility in your Ireland Vacation that escorted tours do not offer. With our driving tours of Ireland, we arrange ...

Ireland Bus Tours

Tours, Hotels, Meals & Activities- we have you covered in Ireland!

These Ireland Tours from Authentic Ireland take you on a guided bus that meanders throughout the serene and peaceful Irish countryside.  Ireland Bus Tours from Authentic Ireland are all ...

Private & Group Tours of Ireland

For Groups of 2 - 100. Private Driver & Guide for Your Vacation. 

Private tours of Ireland give you the luxury of having your own personal tour guide as well as a sumptuous touring vehicle during your Ireland vacation. The word chauffeur conjures ...

Ireland Honeymoons

Romantic Castles, Irish Sunsets. Choose one of our Honeymoon Packages or Create Your Own!

An Ireland Honeymoon is an enduring experience that will stay with you forever.  Authentic Ireland has a number of honeymoon packages, which range from secluded castle retreats to grandiose ...

Ireland Vacation Rentals

Live Like a Local in an Irish Cottage Vacation Rental

An Ireland Cottage Vacation Rental is an excellent option for those who prefer to spend more time relaxing and exploring an area of Ireland... and less time driving and ...

Ireland Castle Tours

Live Like a King & Queen on one of our Castle Vacations!

Authentic Ireland has a range of Ireland Castle Tours for you to choose from that range from luxury castle tours with a more romantic feel to more historic explorations of ...

Ireland Golf Trips

Guaranteed Tee-Times at Ireland's Best Courses

Ireland Golf Trips from Authentic Ireland are the perfect retreat for someone who is serious about golfing.  Ireland was the first country to organize golf on a national level ...

Bed & Breakfast Packages

We offer 2 Options: Custom B&B Vacation or Choose & Reserve Your Own B&Bs!

An Intimate & Authentic Irish Experience A Bed & Breakfast Ireland vacation package features small, intimate lodgings that average 4 to 6 guest bedrooms – each with its own private bathroom. ...

Scotland Tours Driving

Explore the Best of Scotland at Your Own Pace

Self-Drive Scotland Tours from Authentic Ireland give you the flexibility to experience stunning castles and explore the Scottish Highlands at your own pace. With our Scotland driving tours, you can ...

Ireland Travel Deals

Browse our Ireland and Scotland Travel Specials.

Ireland Travel Deals from Authentic Ireland are perfect for that someone dreaming of an Ireland vacation but working with a restricted budget.  Our prepackaged travel specials make it easy ...

Scotland Bus Tours

Tours, Hotels, Meals & Activities- we have you covered!

Scotland bus tours by Authentic Ireland are an excellent way to explore Scotland if you don't want to drive yourself. You will enjoy luxury hotels, unique Scottish activities and ...

Ireland & Scotland Vacations

Visit Both Ireland & Scotland on these Vacations

Ireland and Scotland are geographical neighbors, but they are also akin to very close cousins. The historical links between the two countries span centuries, so it is not surprising that ...

Custom Scotland Vacations

Create Your Own Scotland Vacation!

Create Your Own Scotland Vacation - Self-Drive or Chauffeur Scotland Custom Tours are an excellent and convenient way to see Scotland based on your personal requirements. Our Scotland experts can ...

Scotland & Ireland Bus Tours

Guided Bus Tours to Scotland & Ireland - Visit both countries!

We are delighted to offer a number of Ireland and Scotland vacation options. In this section, you'll find all-inclusive guided bus tours that traverse both countries. Listed tour prices ...

Best of Scotland Tours

Choose Your Scotland Vacation By Number of Days

Experience the Best of Scotland with a number of pre-packaged Scotland Tours from Authentic Ireland. Do you have a set number of nights to spend in Scotland on vacation? We ...

Private & Group Tours of Scotland

For Group Sizes of 2 - 100

Private tours of Scotland are perfect for larger parties who are seeking a more intimate journey through Scotland. With our custom Scotland tours, you get your own private chauffeur to ...

Scotland & Ireland Tours

All-Inclusive: Hotels, Tours, Activities & More!

Scotland and Ireland are geographical neighbors, but they are also akin to very close cousins. The historical links between the two countries span centuries, so it is not surprising that ...

Ireland & Scotland Bus Tours

All-Inclusive Combo Tours of both Ireland & Scotland

We are delighted to offer a number of Ireland and Scotland vacation options. In this section, you'll find all-inclusive guided bus tours that traverse both countries. Listed tour prices ...

Private & Group Tours of Scotland & Ireland

Don't Want to Drive? Choose a Luxury Chauffeur Tour.

Ireland and Scotland are geographical neighbors, but they are also akin to very close cousins. The historical links between the two countries span centuries, so it is not surprising that ...

London Tours

Add London to Any of our Vacations

London Tours are a cost-effective add on to any of our Ireland Vacations or combination packages. London needs no introduction. As one of the world's greatest and most diverse ...

England Tours

England tours from Authentic Ireland range from brief excursions to cultural dynamos like London to extensive tours of Britain. Experience the spectacular countryside, the vast English moors and birthplaces of ...

Self Drive England Tours

Discover the very Best of England, even if you only have a short time available to spend on this fascinating and varied island. We have created a range of diverse ...

Authentic Ireland Experiences

We have created a range of Authentic Ireland Experiences, to appeal to all tastes and interests. This diverse selection of tours and activites can be added to any Ireland Vacation ...

England Bus Tours

England Bus Tours from Authentic Ireland are a great way to take in the beautiful English countryside while getting an education from an expert tour guide at award winning CIE ...

Scotland, Ireland & England Bus Tours

Travel to England, Scotland and Ireland - Visit all three locations on one tour!

We are delighted to offer a number of tours that travel to multiple countries and may include Ireland, Scotland & England. In this section, you'll find all-inclusive Guided Bus ...

Authentic Ireland Vacations include Self-Drive, Chauffeur and All Inclusive Bus Tours

Choose the Ireland vacation package that feels right for you, we’ll help make it perfect. There are over 20 Ireland self-drive itineraries to choose from. There are themed self-drive tours, you can choose by itinerary length, or you can create your own Ireland self drive tour. You can also hire a driver and create your own Ireland chauffeur tour. If you are looking for an all inclusive vacation choose an Ireland or Scotland bus tour. These  escorted coach tours get fantastic reviews year after year.

Themed Ireland Vacations from Honeymoons to Castles or Golf

We invite brides- and grooms-to-be to check out our selection of Ireland honeymoons or create your own. Stay in a selection of the best Ireland castle hotels on our Castle Ireland Vacations. Golfers can play some of the best courses in the world from Royal County Down to Ballybunion, Royal Portrush to Portmarnock. Our Ireland Golf Vacations give you the option to golf by region or pick the courses you want to play.

Let’s not forget our selection of Authentic Scotland Vacations

Let’s not forget our Scotland Vacations! Choose a Scotland self drive itinerary, create a chauffeur tour or join an escorted coach tour. We also have Ireland and Scotland vacations. One vacation, two beautiful countries.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please remember that our friendly local experts can help you put together a custom Scotland or Ireland vacation package tailored to your exact needs. Click GET A QUOTE and tell us what you need.

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