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Interactive Performing Arts Scavenger Hunt & Storytelling

Ireland is renowned as a country steeped in myth, mystery and legend. It often seems as though every house, field and stone in the land is associated with a haunting, or tale of woe! Whether or not you are a firm believer in all-things supernatural, you surely love a good ghost story, and these Ireland boasts in both quality and quantity. Today you’ll enjoy a half day tour in a secluded section of Woodland and Castle Grounds, near Adare Heritage Village. Interact with larger than life characters and Leprechauns, as they regale you with paranormal tales of celtic mystery and intrigue leaving you with hidden clues for your scavenger hunt. Discover the truth about Faeries and the Banshee. Unearth strange facts about Leprechauns, and decipher a map of the long lost ‘Dark Glen’. Meander along ancient paths in the Great Wood, and soar high above the magnificent Faerie mountains. Encounter strange mythical creatures and spirits, as you go through your hunt. Their existence may be unseen to many, but to you, all will be revealed…

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