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Between the years of 1845 and 1849 fungus attacked the large potato crops of Ireland resulting in what would later become known as the Irish Potato Famine. The resources listed below will provide a comprehensive look at this period of history.

  • The History Place has a comprehensive site about the Irish potato famine. Sections include information about before during and after the famine as well as a detailed bibliography for those who want to read further about this period of history.
  • The Digital History website offers a succinct account of the Irish potato famine. Wise Geek has another brief overview of the potato famine that summarizes the issues surrounding the tragedy.
  • Understanding Evolution describes the effect the limited number of potato variations had on the spread and severity of the Irish potato famine. More information about the lack of variety can be found at the Victory Seed Company website. The National Geographic reported on a DNA study that provided new information on the potato famine in Ireland.
  • The Victorian Web discusses the part the English played in the severity of the disaster.
  • Teachers looking for lesson plans for the potato famine can find them here. Discovery Education offers teachers another lesson plan on this period of time that is suitable for students in grades six through eight.
  • The Ludwig von Mises Institute has an article about the cause of the Irish potato famine written by Mark Thornton.
  • The Anne Arundel public schools website has a website that examines the potato famine from the Irish and the English perspective. A thorough list of primary sources and additional web sources are provided.
  • Eye Witness to History has the first person account of James Mahoney who was living in Ireland during the famine.
  • The BBC has created a multi-part series detailing the famine that looks at ideological and political issues of the day.
  • The History Channel recently wrote an interesting article about scientist who discovered the cause of Ireland’s Great Potato Famine Crisis.

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