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The word medieval conjures up rich brocades, ladies at court, fine feasts, jousting knights, early scientists, and a world where magic was still very much alive.  The medieval reality is considerably more interesting.  Borders shifted, beliefs were flexible, religion flexed its muscles, kings were created and tossed over, heroes were bold and heroines were born.

The history of Ireland has been turbulent. (Does that sound like an understatement?  It is.) Raiders have come from all directions, each leaving their mark, for better and worse, upon Ireland.  But were there castles?  Were there fine homes, and did people play music and wander the burren?  Absolutely.  Were there banquets and poets and did people live in close-knit groups?  Of course they did, and this unity is what you’ll feel in Ireland, particularly in the west and in the heartland.  It’s this unity that has saved us over and again.  It’s what will make you feel welcome when you come home to Ireland.  Because, really, with so many people coming and going during the centuries, everyone here is related, and some of them are most surely related to you. Read all about Ireland’s Medieval history here.

At Authentic Ireland, we can provide you with a medieval themed vacation filled with castle banquet feasts, traditional music, a viking tour of Dublin and an evening of storytelling to learn of Ireland’s great history.

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