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A number of our Ireland Vacation Packages feature stops in County Monaghan.

County Monaghan is located in the Province of Ulster that is not part of Northern Ireland. Like all of Ireland, Monaghan and the area that surrounds it has a rich history. Ulster was conquered by the Three Collas is the 4th century, and taken away from King Saraan of the Irian race. It was then ruled by Colla da Croich. Magoo, Traynor’s, and Clan Corrigan include a history of the Three Collas and the Kings of Orgiall.

County Monaghan was established in the 16th century, when Ulster was divided into counties and apportioned to Irish chieftans. Monaghan was further divided into the five baronies of Cremorne, Dartrey, Farney, Monaghan, and Truagh. Wikipedia has a modern map of the area and also provides details on the history of Monaghan.

Many families can trace their roots back to Colla da Chroich and the Kings of Ulster. Genealogy resources, including online records surname resource pages, for County Monaghan include:

  • Genforum contains regional information about Monaghan and its surnames
  • Genealogy Links gives links to historical societies, records indexes and other resources
  • Rootsweb offers bulletin boards, links to articles, and online records

Modern County Monaghan has a population of approximately 52,000. It’s main economies are linen, fishing, and lacemaking. It’s scenery and historical resources make County Monaghan a popular spot for tourists. Some of the attractions include museums, historical sites, and theatres. Activities enjoyed in Monaghan include golf, parks, fishing, cycling, hiking, and taking in the scenery. Accommodations for visitors range from hotels and bed and breakfasts to spas and cottages.

Monaghan Tourism lists accommodations and activities. It features profiles of towns and villages in Monaghan, audio tours,postcards, maps, and directions.

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