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“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”  – Robert Louis Stevenson

If you think of Ireland as a place with friendly people willing to help when you’re lost, and a buzzing night scene that shakes with both traditional and cutting-edge music—you’re absolutely right.  But Ireland also has extraordinary secret places that she’ll share with those willing to find her out.  This is an ideal add-on excursion for first-timers, and also for those who have traveled here a time or two before. At Authentic Ireland Travel we like to promote not only the expected destinations, but also those that are off the beaten path. The ones that take your breath away.

Secluded places and attractions, places to stay, eat, and drink that are known by only a few.  These places—hidden castles or ancient ruins pushed up along meandering lanes, for example—are easy to miss unless you have a guide who’s in the know.  We at Authentic Ireland Travel, all of us Irish, would like to help you discover our hidden Ireland.  Every kind of landscape beckons you:  Lush hills, mystic lakes tucked between jagged mountains, sea coasts, pastures with horses of such astonishing grace they boggle the mind.  Authentic Ireland will unlock the door for you to our Hidden Ireland.  To the Ireland that’s off the beaten path.

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