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“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” — Amelia Earhart

Ireland is an outdoor-adventure paradise. The Irish are huge sports fanatics.  This translates into a lot of outdoor activities, from soft adventures to extreme adventures, for its visitors.  No matter what your outdoor passion—you’ll find it here.  Have a craving to learn something new? Now is the time, and Ireland is the place.

You can enjoy cycling, hiking or kayaking on your vacation.  Ireland is a particularly great country for horseback riding and for going to the races.  We love our horses.  You may also choose to cycle down small roads, hike the hills, get up at dawn and watch the ravens flutter toward the new sun as you trek down an ancient road.   Mountain climbing and rock climbing?  You can do it here. You can also sail one of Ireland’s waterways. Not enough?  Well, we’ve only given you the basics!  At Authentic Ireland, the adventurous among us have tried many of these, and we can set you on a path to an adventure that will fill your sails!  If you’re into extreme adventures…well, we have that in the works after the first one of us takes up skydiving.  We are drawing straws

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