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Product Booking Questionaire

    Client Questions:

    You want to be relevant and thorough, without being too wordy. Short questions work best to get the info you need.

    When would you like to travel:

    How many nights?

    How many are traveling in your party?
    Is anyone traveling with you age 12 or under?

    Have you already booked your flights?

    If not, please advise which airport(s) you wish to fly from

    Which country(ies) would you like to visit?
    Which Tour type is of interest to you?

    Note: Remember to tell them that all flights to Ireland from North American are overnight.
    Do they wish to leave the U.S. on June 4 (arrive Ireland on June 5) or leave the U.S. on June 3 (arrive Ireland on June 4)?’

    General Talking Points

    • Attempt to Build a Rapport with the Client while Extracting Specific Details:
    • Develop a conversation with the potential client that is rooted in them. Whatever direction the conversation takes, always circle back to their experience, their trip, their needs.
    • We are making their fantasy a reality. That’s what we’re selling.

    Sample questions to ask

    Find out what this particular client’s requirements / desires are…

    Are you celebrating a special occasion on this trip?

    When you picture yourself in the country you're visiting, what is it you primarily see?

    Accommodation / Room Type: In-Town/Country? Modern/Classic?

    Additional Information

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