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In 10 minutes or less you will learn all you need to know to plan the perfect Ireland vacation. What kind of tour, when to go, where to visit, what to do and how to save some money doing it. OK, let’s get started.

Get Started on Planning Your Ireland Vacation

When to go – Ireland is a year-round destination

The true meaning of “as changeable as the weather” will become very apparent to you when you visit Ireland. You cannot predict the weather at any time of year. June might be lovely one year, but cloudy and sodden the next. The flip side is that Ireland weather changes fast so you are unlikely to experience an extended period or wet weather at any time of year.

So when is the best time to come to Ireland? May to September offers the best chance of good weather with decent temperatures, though it never gets truly hot. Daytime summer month temperatures average about 20C (68F). April and October are noticeably cooler, but can be quite pleasant nonetheless. November to February can be quite rainy though on a positive note it doesn’t get very cold. It hardly ever snows. And if you are coming from a cold, snowy place, Ireland will seem quite mild to you in the winter.  This is also the least expensive time to travel. So if you want to escape your winter snow, come to Ireland! The weather in March doesn’t matter because St Patrick’s Day is on the 17th. Always a great time to come. 

Ireland & Scotland

Anytime is the best time to visit Ireland and Scotland. The weather in Scotland has the same changeability as Ireland. Both have their perks, any time of the year. Scotland has the eye-catching colours of autumn and vibrant trees changing from green to fiery reds, oranges and yellows. Spring and Summer in Scotland have pleasant temperatures ranging from 55F – 63F. The Winter has a little more snowfall than Ireland which makes it perfect to visit both for added variety.  When to visit Ireland and Scotland shouldn’t be the question. Visit whenever you’d like!

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