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Pick a place and plant yourself.  That’s one great way to relax in Ireland.  Rent a car so that when you want to go somewhere, you can go.  Snuggle into your sweat suit or pajamas and curl up with a book.  Bring the family.  Play board games, read, bring your paint brushes—you’ll find no scenery more wonderful.

Take out your pen—your laptop if you brought it—and write a memoir of your trip to Ireland.  Going to Ireland is like having small children.  You think you’ll remember everything, but you won’t unless you write it down.  We have published writers who will conduct writing salons for groups.  They will give you all the basics, and help you with your travel memoir and the intricacies of the publishing industry.  If you simply want to leave a record for your family, they’ll teach you how to do that, too.

Day Trips are wonderful ways to relax in Ireland.  Trips that we consider the most relaxing often involve getting on a local guide.  Want to walk the burren?  You’ve seen photos of it, but have you seen it, really seen the incredible diversity of delicate life between the fissures of limestone?  The tender flowers reach to the sky, embracing life. Be sure to check out our excursions!

Fishing… what could be more relaxing than sitting on the banks of a river or floating on a lake?  Even if you don’t catch a bite, consider angling with a fishing guide.  Some of the best fishing lakes and rivers in Europe are to be found in Ireland.

Golf?  With some of the finest courses in the world, Ireland is the supreme golf destination.  If you love the game, it’s a perfect way to relax.  During the off-season there are fewer people playing and your chances are terrific for getting a perfect tee-time.  Relax in the club and enjoy the strangers who share your passion for the game.  You won’t be strangers for long!

You may never have enjoyed food as much as you will in Ireland.  Nothing is pre-prepared.  If you’ve bought it at a market or ordered it in a restaurant, you can be assured it is fresh and will be cooked well and with respect.  Or… Perhaps you’d like to relax at a medieval castle banquet while dining like royalty?  That is, indeed, relaxation.

Oh, we could go on and on…  How about visiting the place Pirate Queen Grace O’Malley lived in the 1500s?  Renting the castle where St. Walter Raleigh lived, or seeing the castle where William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, was born.  Visit Cobh, the town where the last Americans were picked up by the Titanic on her maiden voyage home to America.  Walk a rope bridge suspended high above the rugged sea, explore abandoned castles, meet a farmer who regales you with tall tales as you hike through a soft pasture.

If you have Irish family lineage, you’re bound to find people you’re related to who may still be living in the family digs.  Perhaps some of your family lives in a castle here!  Putter around the area where your family was from, and imagine the line that ties them to you.  Relax, breathe, enjoy.

Spas… spas and wellness.  If this doesn’t conjure up relaxation for you, what will?  Spas in Ireland have been chosen as the best destination spots by Forbes, Conde Nast, and the International Spa Association.  Let your bones get loose.  Relax to your very core. Remember yourself.  Remember each other.

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