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ondon is a city of great ceremonial and royal occasions that bring forth unique festivities and cheerful excitement!  As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding sweeps across England and captivates the entire world, street gatherings, wedding-themed tea parties, and plenty of bars and pubs will be welcoming individuals to join in on the celebration.

Those that want to take it a step further, however, may relish in our exclusive 3-Night Royal Deluxe Package – as featured on FOX News! This unique tour includes a pre-night in London to introduce you to the bustling capital, private chauffeuring to Windsor on the wedding day to see the Royal Newlyweds, a post-night in London with visits to the famous shopping areas, a Champagne flight on the London Eye, a farewell sightseeing City Cruise, and a traditional 3-course dinner in a local English Pub. Each of these magnificent experiences fit together to complete one truly unforgettable packages that will leave you feeling like a bit of royalty yourself!

This Tour has been featured on Fox News! Watch Now:

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