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Whisky is to the Scots what champagne is to the French. Believe it!! All malt whiskies are produced using much the same process, but the environment, maturity and storage of the whisky have strong bearing on its character. That makes every whisky a different experience. There is no “best” malt whisky. Some are nice for drinking at bedtime, others as an aperitif. The distilleries we offer here all produce exceptional single-malts. Whisky connoisseurs consider single malts the top of the line. If you’re going to drink Scotch, then do up it right!

  • Talisker:

    Unique malt with a hot, peppery, flavor that is guaranteed to warm your toes.

  • Glenmorangie:

    The biggest selling single malt in Scotland with a light flowery taste and strong perfume.

  • Lochnagar:

    A favorite of Queen Victoria’s, who often visited this distillery near Balmoral.  A sweet whisky with overtones of sherry.

  • Edradour:

    The smallest distillery in Scotland, but it succeeds by producing an extraordinary minty and creamy whisky.

Malt Regions:

Single malts vary according to regional differences in the peat and in the stream water that’s used. Each whisky has subtle but recognizable regional flavor characteristics.

The region of Speyside is at the south edge of the Highlands. Barley is widely grown here, and it the region for over half of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries. These include: Glen Morray, Linkwod, Glen Eilgin, Speyburn, Glenfiddich, Mortlach, Tamnavulin, Glenlivet, Craggonmore, Glenfarclas Macallan, Glen Rothes, Glenlossie, and Dallas Dhu.

Glenlivet is the most famous of the Speyside malts, distilled since 1880, and Macallan is the most widely acknowledged. It is the Cadillac of Single Malts. Aged in Sherry casks, it has a full, delicious flavor.

Take a drive through Speyside. The scenery is incredible. Tasting Scotch at its natural home is an unparalled experience, and there is no snob-factor involved. It’s all about the taste, a helpful suggestion, and having a good time in a beautiful area.

More About Scotch Whisky:

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