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“There is no language like the Irish for soothing and quieting.” – John Millington Synge

Sámas.  It’s a Gaelic word that means indulgence of the senses. With sámas being part of the Gaelic language for over a thousand years, it’s easy to understand why Ireland has become a spa destination.  Forbes has named one of Ireland’s spas as “one of the top ten spas in the world.”  Conde Nast has reported that “Ireland has the best destination spas.”  The spa industry itself has named an Irish spa as “the best in the world.”

If you’re seeking wellness with a hint of indulgence, you may want to make a spa/wellness package part of your trip to Ireland.  Most spas need to be booked in advance, and we’re happy to set up a booking that fits with your itinerary in just the way you think it should.

Consider a spa experience that’s different than most you encounter in the US or the UK.  Irish spa experiences combine the restorative power of nature with the healing power of touch and treatment.  Imagine looking into a lush forest deep in a tangle of leaves as a small waterfall tumbles to your left.  Before your spa treatment has begun, you feel yourself relaxing.

What treatments do Irish spas offer?  Some are taken from various cultures; others are part of the Celtic culture.  Thermal suites; The Laconium; The Aroma Grotto; Experience showers; Rock Saunas; Sabia Med—a meditative, beach experience; The Hamman—a traditional Turkish bath; Elemis treatments; Ytsara (freedom in the Thai language); Bathing ceremonies; Aqua classes; Kaeippe Cure Pool; Salt grottoes…  Pick some of these experiences and follow up with a short walk through the woods.  The world will look brand new.  As you breathe, relax and rejuvenate, the possibilities and remembrances of simple joys, colours, and sounds find their way back to you.

You may wish to continue to indulge your senses with fine cuisine and fresh food, followed by a glass of perfect wine.  Also indulge your sense of nature—let the ocean scent and power of craggy hills lift you into another world.  If you’re with a partner, tuck yourself into a nest and enjoy the gentle and unending power of love
Authentic Ireland is happy to arrange a fine, restorative Spas and Wellness theme package.  You may wish to make wellness part of a Romantic getaway, or an adjunct to an Outdoor Activity, for what is more rejuvenating than the life cycle of nature?  Perhaps a Girlfriend Getaway or Renewal of Vows theme would suit you.

Wherever you are on the path of your life, there comes a time to let go, relax and indulge your senses to the point of total wellness.  Authentic Ireland is happy to help you make Wellness part of your Ireland experience.

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