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If you want to “do as the Irish do” then be sure to head to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, so you can celebrate this traditional Irish holiday with the natives.

People celebrate St. Patrick’s Day around the world, but its history is firmly rooted in Ireland. The holiday falls on March 17, but it may span more than one day in its land of origin. The anniversary celebrates St. Patrick, the Roman-born, loyal patron saint of Ireland.

In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is a public holiday, and most Irish acknowledge it in church. However, Christians throughout the world go to church on March 17 and pray for missionaries.

If you want to celebrate big, be sure to stay in Dublin, where you can enjoy a five-day festival that commemorates the March 17 holiday with exciting events. During the festival, there are a myriad of activities and entertainment for those wishing to partake. These activities include music, theatre, relevant films, fireworks over the River Liffey, and street fairs. A huge parade headlines the annual event.

If you want to leave Dublin for awhile, visit Limerick, Cork, Waterford, and Galway, as each of these cities offer parades and other festivities as well. However, these cities only celebrate on the one day, leaving the five-day celebration to the larger city of Dublin.

If you want to feel truly Irish while visiting Ireland during the St. Patrick’s’ Day celebrations, consider these ways to become like the Irish:

  • Enjoy a pint. Pubs through the whole of Ireland will enjoy more regular visitors on St. Patrick’s Day, and some offer extra festive activities as well.
  • Skip the green ale and the green food. Locals skip those gimmicks and stick with the traditional ways of celebrating. Wearing green, however, is a universally acceptable way to greet St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Go to the big St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin and get grandstand seats. These sell out quickly, so it pays to plan ahead. A little planning assures that you will the best seats in town for the parade. Some seats offer the opportunity for you to hear commentary on the parade itself.

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