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Custom Tours of Ireland give you the flexibility to Create Your Own Vacation!

At Authentic Ireland we understand that vacationing is a serious adventure and often people have something very specific in mind, which is why we created Ireland custom tours.  There is so much to see and so many places to stay—from castles to B&B’s.  Our Ireland Vacations range from city tours to castle tours with a spectrum of options in between. Our expert local guides will advise and assist you in creating the best possible itinerary based on your requirements.  

So what’s your pleasure?  Are you and your honey tired of the hustle and bustle of the real world and seeking a secluded romantic getaway full of dramatic landscapes and stunning cliffs?  Then try our Create Your Own Perfect Honeymoon tour.  While it’s called a honeymoon tour, it’s really for people who are seeking lots of romance in one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world.

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Create Your Own Ireland Self Drive Vacation

Prices Varies - We Can Accommodate All Budgets!

Create the Ireland Vacation of Your Dreams!Create your own Ireland self-drive vacation based on what you want to see and do in Ireland. You are in control. Our Custom ...

Create Your Own Ireland Honeymoon

Create Your
Perfect Honeymoon

Create the Ireland Honeymoon of Your Dreams!Ireland's romantic appeal is world-renowned, and each year, thousands of newly-weds choose Ireland as their perfect Honeymoon location. Our Custom Honeymoon Tours ...

Create your own Private Chauffeur Ireland Tour

$1,198 Per Person
7 Nights

Create a Private Chauffeur Ireland TourWe are happy to create a unique itinerary for your group, incorporating any ideas you have, or places you would ...

Create Your Own Ireland Golf Tour

Prices Varies - We Can Accommodate All Budgets!

Play Any Golf Course in IrelandYou can create your own Ireland golf tour based on the courses you want to play. You are in control. Our Custom Golf Tours ...

If you’re more into self-guidance and already have an itinerary on your mind, then try our driving tour of Ireland. Tell us what destinations are a must-see on your trip, what kind of places you’d like to stay in, what type of car you’d like to rent, your dates of travel and we’ll do the rest right down to booking the flight to Ireland for you.

Does the idea of a private chauffeur taking you around Ireland sound like the ideal excursion from real life?   With our custom chauffeur tours, we can arrange for a consistent private driver to take you around destinations of your choosing in a premium luxury vehicle.  The driving journey is actually a huge part of the adventure in these private chauffeur custom tours.

If you’re someone whose most coveted possession is a sophisticated collection of golf clubs then we’ve got you covered.  The Create Your Own Golf Tour provides a local golf expert who can advise you in creating the ultimate itinerary based on your requirements.  Simply tell us how many people are in your party, your travel dates, lodging preference along with any information related to the type of Ireland golf courses you’d like to visit and we’ll take it from there.

With our custom tours, you can create your own Ireland vacation based on what you want to see and do in Ireland. You are in complete control. Our custom vacations are completely flexible. You decide where to visit in Ireland, how long to spend and what type of accommodation suits you best. Our expert local guides will advise and assist you to create the best possible itinerary based on your requirements.   To find out more about Authentic Ireland’s custom tours of Ireland, click on the “Get Quote Now” and submit a form.  One of our travel experts will get back to you.