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For Group Sizes of 2 - 100



Private tours of Scotland are perfect for larger parties who are seeking a more intimate journey through Scotland. With our custom Scotland tours, you get your own private chauffeur to guide you to stops of your choosing. There are a number of luxury vehicles to choose from all equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. The ride is part of the adventure with Authentic Ireland’s private tours of Scotland.

Our travel specialists are experts in Scotland and can assist you in planning what molds to your idea of the perfect Scotland vacation. From Edinburgh to Glasgow, Scotland is alive with so much history and cultural depth. We have access to thousands of activities and can plan your itinerary so that it explores certain regions of Scotland or we can take you on an in-depth excursion that encompasses all of Scotland.

Our Range of Private & Group Tours of Scotland

$1,598 per person
Create your own Private Chauffeur Scotland Tour

Create your own Private Chauffeur Scotland Tour

Create your own Private Chauffeur Scotland Tour

We are happy to create a unique itinerary for your group, incorporating any ideas you have, or places you would like to visit in Scotland. Our chauffeured tours are often arranged for family groups attending a clan reunion, or...

$4,898 per person
9-Night Iconic and Authentic Scotland

9-Night Iconic and Authentic Scotland

9-Night Iconic and Authentic Scotland

Embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery and adventure with this epic nine-night Iconic and Authentic Scotland Tour.

With our private Scotland tours, you are essentially in the drivers seat so to speak. Scotland is rich with everything from historical Scottish castles to mysteries like Loch Ness to whiskey trails and raw scenery. What your private tour encompasses largely depends on you. Tell us a little more about your travel plans to Scotland. How many people are in your party? What are your start and end dates? What kind of luxury vehicle would you prefer? And, of course, what are some of the destinations that must be on your itinerary? Our travel specialists can even arrange for your party’s flight to and from Scotland.

Simply click the Get Quote Now button, fill out the form and we’ll take it from there. Our commitment to your perfect trip to Scotland does not end when your plane touches ground. We have offices in the United States and Ireland and our travel experts are available to help you along the way throughout your vacation.

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