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Your unique journey begins at approx 10.30 am at the world renowned Kate Kearney’s cottage. From here you’ll embark on the first of your day’s trilogy of amazing Irish activities. You will start with a 7 mile jaunt on a pony and trap through the Gap of Dunloe. The Gap is a narrow mountain pass between Mac Gillycuddy Reeks Mountains and the Purple Mountain. The area is often described as one of the most spectacular glaciated valleys in Western Europe. Your pony and trap jaunting car ride lasts for just under 2 hours, and ends at Lord Brandon’s Cottage. Here you will be etnertained by a local storyteller and enjoy a private BBQ Lunch. WIth your heads full of the legends of fairy rings and other magical lore, you’ll begin your third and final experience and board your boats to explore the Three Lakes of Killarney. You’ll pass by the majestic oak woods of Derrycunnihy and Tomies Mountains. View ‘The Meeting of The Waters’, where the three lakes meet, the “shooting of the rapids”, Dinis Cottage, Bricin Bridge, and the Copper Mines where copper was mined in Killarney 3000 years ago. Your ultimate Irish trilogy ends at the wonderfully restored 15th century Ross Castle where you can ramble along the ramparts and climb the old castle walls and imagine yourselves as an Irish prince or princess.

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