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Edinburgh is elegant and alluring, while Glasgow has cutting-edge pizzazz. Both are dramatic.

The Highlands are all we imagine Scotland to be.  Lochs and striking castles, tartans and bagpipes, rugged hills, rare wildlife, and history that reaches back to the Bronze Age.  This is the heart of traditional Scottish culture.

Southern Scotland is an intriguing mix of landscapes, homes and castles that have seen more history and changes than seems possible.  Central Scotland sits between the new wave of European culture and ancient, wild countryside.

The Islands?  They are all sheer magic with secrets of the past and of discovery, dazzling beaches, and the stories of Scotland’s first pilgrims.

Loch Ness, fine Scotch whisky, a fabled piece of silk treasured for its powers of protection.  Broad beaches, a 50-mile banquet of velvet moors, jagged mountains, shimmering lochs and towering sea cliffs.  Fabulous cities, castles, crofting villages, cozy pubs, rugged mountains and enough restaurants to please anyone.

All sing the song of this extraordinary land.  Listen, and follow the music home to Scotland.

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