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Many women feel scared or uncertain when they consider the idea of traveling alone. It’s not easy for women because they are much more often the victims of scams, thieves, or other unsavory individuals. In order to minimize the possibility of incident, women can take extra steps to prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best.

Some of the greatest travel tips when choosing a hotel is to stay in one with interior hallways. Avoid motels or motor lodges that offer outside entrances to hotel rooms. Another thing to avoid is being placed in first floor rooms, or rooms with connecting doors. The hotel staff should take care of this, but it’s always appropriate to remind them. When staying in a location overnight, choosing the right hotel will provide the maximum amount of security for you.

Packing is a hot debate for many women. It’s hard to travel with the bare minimum of clothes, but when traveling by yourself, it’s not always practical to have a lot of bags in tow. The more bags, the slower and more vulnerable you are to misfortune. The easiest way to travel is with one or two easy to carry bags, no matter the destination. If you’re traveling for an extended stay, ship your luggage ahead with services like Luggage ForwardBaggage Quest, or Luggage Free.

One of the most troublesome things single women have to worry about when traveling is harassment. When going to most western countries, women are not often susceptible to harassment, but many cultures around the world do not have progressive views about women traveling alone. It important to arm yourself with as much information as possible about your destination. Guide books are a priceless possession when traveling abroad.Lonely PlanetFodor, and Frommer all offer detailed guide books that give insight into the destination of your choice.

Traveling with kids can be particularly torturous, especially if they are toddlers or babies. The best advice when traveling with kids is to be over prepared, plan ahead, and give yourself an abundance of time to get to your destinations, because delays are inevitable. Traveling with kids requires patience, and the ability to multi-task. Always have snacks on hand, as well as juices, toys, coloring books, crayons, and an extra set of clothes.

If you’re pregnant, some airlines discourage travel after 36 weeks. Make sure to discuss with your doctor about any upcoming trips, specifically in the third trimester. If travel cannot be avoided, then make sure to have the telephone number and address to the hospital nearest to your hotel. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some other resources on how to travel alone safely and wisely.




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